Strem Chemicals Licenses Next-gen Battery Materials From Argonne National Lab

Specialty chemicals firm Strem Chemicals plans to manufacture and distribute nine battery solvents and additives based on intellectual property for next-generation battery materials that it has licensed from Argonne National Laboratory.

The materials were invented at Argonne’s Electrochemical Energy Storage Center and scaled at Argonne’s Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF). The DOE established MERF to expedite the transfer of advanced battery materials from the laboratory to industry.

Argonne has transferred sample material and technology packages to Strem that detail how to scale up the materials economically from single grams to kilogram-sized batches. Strem has already successfully manufactured several products, and made them available to purchase for R&D purposes.

“This agreement helps us get these materials out the door and into the hands of industry and researchers,” said MERF Director Greg Krumdick. “It takes us one step closer to our final goal, implementation in commercial batteries. Strem will enable the research community to have greater access to these materials.”

Source: ChargedEVs