Electrochemical Test Cells

Test Cells

Single chamber cells for systems with one electrolyte


Cell for lithium-ion electrode materials, electrolyte testing and for Lithium-metal battery research

Basic design for conventional electrochemical experiments on the performance of the electrode, chemistries, their combinations and electrolytes. The cell combines advantages of industrial button cells with ability to use 3-electrode configuration and easy assembly/disassembly.

Partnumber: SC-Basic


Cell for analysis of evolving gases in Li- ion systems and Zn-air battery research

A cell design with gas inlet/outlet ports allows to analyze gases, evolving during cell operation by means of FTIR or mass-spectroscopy. Testing of aqueous metal-air batteries can be performed in such cells as well.

Partnumber: SC-Gas

Dual-chamber cells for systems with more than one electrolyte

Membrane testing

Cell for research of solid and polymer electrolytes

Cell with two hermetically sealed chambers for measurement of the ac impedance spectra of solid electrolyte membranes fixed on cell base with liquid electron-blocking electrodes; estimation of ion transference numbers using dc techniques is also possible.

Partnumber: DC-Membrane


Cell for membrane permeability and Fuel cell research

Dual-chamber cell with two flow fields allow to implement a gas or liquid flow in both cathodic and anodic space that are used in fuel cell research.

Partnumber: DC-FGas


Cell for Li-air batteries

Dual-chamber design provides an ability to use combined chemistries in e.g. lithium-air batteries (different aprotic electrolytes in different chambers or aprotic/aqueous systems).

Partnumber: DC-Combi


Custom-made electrochemical cells that meet your research interests and budget requirements can be developed either from the scratch or on the basis of the reliable and flexible legacy module design with a wide range of available parts. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your experiment and application to get the cell right for your needs.