MikroMasch OÜ is leading an innovation project PowerStore. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 766805.

In PowerStore project we will first develop and assemble equipment for producing novel battery nanomaterials. The equipment is expected to redesign flame–spray technology and is focused on scaling-up plasma reactor, spray system and synthesis process reactor that are used for synthesizing the composite nanoparticles battery materials. MikroMasch coating materials can be applied to a variety of electrode materials and the technology can be easily integrated to regular Li-ion manufacturing process.

Today we partner with Enertech Int. Inc. (ETI), one of the first commercial-scale Li-ion Energy Storage System (ESS) manufacturers in the world. Coating where used for li-ion cells production as special composite nanomaterials for battery electrodes by ETI. The innovative coating material enhances electrodes’ specific parameters and prevents thus capacity degradation caused by chemical reactions during charging and discharging.

During the second phase of PowerStore we will produce and pilot ESS in collaboration with ETI, Fortum Oy, Eesti Energia AS and Tallinn University of Technology. By applying Li-ion electrode technology in ESS production process we will achieve increased energy storage capacity and longer lifecycle. By coupling the new enhanced li-ion cells of ETI PowerStore ESS with residential microgeneration stations, consumers can easily sell the excess energy to the grid.

PowerStore is very effective when used for balancing the supply and demand of grid energy, as consumers can conserve energy during the low-demand times and use the battery power during peak hours. This allows for more resource-efficient and sustainable power distribution, that eventually saves environment and costs for the European consumers. In this way ESS is applicable to many energy supply facilities, among others domestic electricity, farms and renewable energy facilities.