Porsche Considers Bosch, Panasonic to Supply EV Batteries

An electric Porsche based on the Mission E concept shown at the Frankfurt auto show is in the production pipeline, and the company is considering bids from Panasonic and Robert Bosch to supply the battery, Bloomberg reports.

According to anonymous sources, Panasonic’s package would be cheaper, but Porsche’s neighbor Bosch would offer simpler logistics.

“We’re in the final stage of making a decision,” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said in an interview at the recent Geneva Auto Salon, but declined to offer any more details.

Porsche announced in December that it has budgeted a cool billion euros to build the new EV.

Meanwhile, the CEO of fellow Volkswagen brand Audi recently said that his company would be purchasing batteries for its EVs from LG Chem and Samsung, both of which have plans to start producing battery cells in Europe.


Source: Automotive News