Super B and Lithium Werks Forge Supply Agreement to Meet Growing Battery Demand

Lithium Werks, a producer of Li-ion phosphate energy cells, and Super B, a specialist in lithium battery solutions, have agreed to work together to increase their overall battery production. The agreement calls for an expansion of Super B’s operations, including solutions for transportation and renewable energy needs, and a ramping-up of Lithium Werks’ nanophosphate cell output. Both companies specialize in Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, which provides high thermal and chemical stability and is claimed to be the safest Li-ion battery technology to date.

“Leading companies in sectors such as automotive, industry, marine and renewable energy are already served by Super B, and their appetite for battery-powered solutions is only getting greater,” said Lithium Werks CEO T. Joseph Fisher III. “I have been impressed by Super B’s ability to expand quickly in recent years and by its ambition to grow even faster in the years to come. We expect Super B to double in size every year for some time yet and I am happy to say that Lithium Werks has found a strong strategic partner in Super B.”

Lithium Werks’ own growth is not to be overlooked, as it has recently made several large acquisitions, including Valence Technologies.

Source: ChargedEVs