LG Chem to Supply Battery Upgrade for Tesla Roadster

Tesla has confirmed that it has a contract with South Korean firm LG Chem to provide batteries for Roadster 3.0, a package of range-enhancing improvements for Tesla’s famous first vehicle. The company began taking orders for the $29,000 upgrade in September.

Until this announcement, Tesla’s only known battery supplier was Panasonic, which is a partner in the Gigafactory now taking shape in Nevada.

Panasonic’s supply agreement with Tesla makes it the world’s largest producer of EV batteries. However, LG Chem is coming on strong amid industry buzz about its low prices and high quality.

Tesla Roadster

LG is supplying cells for GM’s upcoming Bolt EV, and is said to be annoyed at GM for revealing how cheap those cells are.

Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has said he believes LG has the best cell currently on the market, and there are rumors that the Korean company will have a role in developing batteries for the much-anticipated 2nd-generation LEAF.

Source: ChargedEVs