Motorola Invests in Magnesium-Ion Battery Startup Pellion

Motorola Solutions has invested an unspecified amount in Pellion Technologies, a startup that was founded by a team of MIT researchers.

Pellion is focused on commercializing magnesium-ion battery technology. Because magnesium is divalent, it can displace double the charge per ion that lithium can, and the element is more abundant and more stable. Magnesium-ion batteries theoretically offer good electrochemical performance, and could be safer and less expensive than Li-ion.

Pellion says that its batteries deliver twice the energy of lithium-ion cells in a comparable weight and volume. They are now being tested in mobile, wireless and robotics devices.

“Motorola Solutions has a long and consistent track record of driving innovations in mobility and partnering with leaders in the battery field,” said Pellion CEO David Eaglesham. “The company has a deep understanding of battery technologies and capabilities and perhaps the most exacting performance and quality standards in the space.”

Source: ChargedEVs